WK is an experienced gas installation company, able to install pipelines across pressure tiers LP, MP and IP, in all materials.

WK is able to provide services upstream and downstream of meter including design, testing, commissioning, excavation and reinstatement.

Multi Occupancy Buildings

WK has vast experience in dealing with replacement or new pipe systems external or within High Rise (up to 15 floors) or Low Rise (up to 5 floors) in either MDPE or welded steel.

River or Railway Crossings

WK are experienced in both the isolation and removal of existing decommissioned pipelines or the installation of new or replacement pipelines, either above ground or by directional drill, including craneage operations. WK will take into account all environmental conditions or potential issues whilst implementing strict lifting plans and work in agreement with land owners or land agents.

Pressure Reduction Installation

WK is an experienced installer of pressure reduction equipment including specification, purchase, installation and commissioning in pressure tiers LP, MP and IP, including the provision of PRI concrete bases and PRI Kiosks.

Multi Utility Infrastructure Provision

WK is a registered UIP able to provide multi -utility service to clients. This includes Gas, Water and Cable Ducting, thereby ensuring a cost effective and efficient method of installation.

Gas Emergency Services

WK is experienced in the provision of emergency back up to industrial and commercial customers in the event of an emergency, either by leakage or a no gas situation.